X7 Integrated Stove

Integrated Stove

with the high oil fume extraction rate, the oil stain at kitchen cabinet is terminated. It is the first time for you to choose the open-type kitchen without worry.

A Chinese kitchen electrical appliance product that has won German IF design golden award and red dot award.

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Sailboat Arc Design

The pretty sailboat arc design inspiration comes from the sail and the only one seven-star hotel-Dubai Sailboat Hotel.

With arc design, the product has better oil fume collection.

In addition, the angle of the oil fume extraction port can be adjusted by 20°and it be adjusted based on the oil fume quantity.

adjusted by

Teflon Non-stick

Material Oil Screen

We resist the oil stain with the original Teflon non-stick material oil screen and the manually dismountable structure in the industry.

It only takes several seconds for cleaning work.

54 LED Lights
Just like the car lights of Audi car, the lighting system consists of 54 LED lights, the power consumption is only 5W, but it can offer the bright experience that the light can penetrate the stream.

LED lights

power consumption

Disc-shape Energy-gathering Burning System

The entirely-new disc-shape energy-gathering burning system is just like the needfire

and overheads the flame, it can bring the thermal power of 4.5KW but can save more fuel gas!


High-efficiency combustion system

Energy-efficiency grade: Grade 1

Intelligent Link
After the cooker is ignited, the extractor hood automatically starts up. After the cooker is turned off, the extractor hood will automatically close in delayed time after extracting the oil fume.
Stove Pannel
There are two kinds of stove pannel can be chosen.
Stainless Steel Stove Pannel The one-piece 304 stainless steel stamped and formed cooker surface does not have joint and is more convenient to be cleaned. With the ultra-large cast iron kettle support, it can adapt to kettles of different diameters and achieve more stable placement.
Glass Stove Pannel For this one, concealed liquid-containing design is used. The table surface 1.5mm lower than the edge is sunk in concealed manner. Without worrying the over-spilling soup flowing, a volume of more than 500ML is offered.
Performances Of the Disinfecting Cabinet
Two-star disinfecting cabinet

With two-star and low-temperature disinfection, you can disinfect different plastic products and dinner sets that are not appropriate to be disinfected at high temperature.

External and double bearing slide rail

The double bearing slide rail has the bearing capacity of 130KG. If the load is greater, drawing will be more stable.

Safety Firewall
Besides such five safety protection functions as gas leakage, electric leakage, over-heat, over-load, burn-out and so on, we also provide more high-end ion induction fire wall.
Safety is supreme forever
When the temperature inside the extractor hood is higher than 120℃ and such temperature lasts for more than 3s, it will automatically shut off the gas supply and power supply.
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Intelligent Child Lock

After starting work, the disinfecting cabinet will be automatically locked to prevent incident opening. 

  • Intelligent Child Lock

    After starting work, the disinfecting cabinet will be automatically locked to prevent incident opening. 

  • Easily Cleaned Technology

    With 304 stainless steel surface undergoing pearl matt treatment, surface of X7 has exquisite and soft feel. With the fingerprint-resistant technology, you will not worry about the annoying “fingerprint” any longer.

  • Multi-contact Piano Key Button

    The piano key button is designed with the multi-contact technology, the key feel and force feedback comfort degree are more excellent than the ordinary touch button! Marssenger Company uses such key design only for the high-end products!

  • Luminum Embedded Knob

    The full aluminum embedded knob is durable and is not aged. 

Product Parameters
Fuel gas cooker(G) Rated thermal flow(kw) Left hole: 4.5 Right hole: 4.5
Extractor hood Rated input power of the motor(w) 280 Air quantity(m /min)      18±1
Disinfecting cabinet Input power of the heating pipe(w) 500 Drying temperature(min)     ≤60℃
Disinfection cabinet volume(l) 50(±5%)
Product size l850 x w600 x h805(mm);Mounting height can be adjusted by 0-20°
Available colors black red mirror
Note Stainless steel model (double gas cookers), black
Glass model (double gas cookers/double electromagnetic cookers/one electromagnetic cooker and one gas cooker)
Mounting Instructions
The entire cooker shall fit the overall dimensions of the kitchen cabinet (determined based on the actual product size)

storage cabinet

storage cabinet

The left side

Smokeless stove

The rgiht side













Adjusted by 0-20°