X2Z Integrated Stove

Integrated Stove
Of steam Oven

Better extractor hood+ steam oven for better use

Steam oven with larger volume

More simple operation mode

Steam rear exhaust technology

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Larger Steam Oven

Integrate larger domestic steam oven

Volume of X2 steam oven module reaches 64L

Two times larger than that of the ordinary domestic steam oven

Three dishes and one soup can be cooked at the same time

Marssenger steam box

Fast Cooking
“Faster heating plate technology” Heating empty box

The time required for the inside temperature of the steam box to rise up to 100℃

The heating time of Marssenger steam box with the ultra-large volume of 64L is faster

More than 30% faster than that of the ordinary domestic steam oven

“Integrate two cooking functions” Two cooking

Stirred frying, frying, deep frying, boiling at the upper part

Steaming at the lower part

Many dishes can be cooked with the time for cooking a dish previously.

Visible And Fast Lighting

100℃, most frequently used for cooking


At 60℃, it is fast to defreeze, and can also well control bacteria proliferation.


At 80℃, it can excite the freshest and most tender taste of the freshest and most

tender food materials, only the cooking talent can control the temperature well.


40℃ for fermentation. It can be used for secondary fermentation of the bread, it is the secret of success to cook more softer bread

“More simple control design”

The Marssenger Company holds that, the significance of interactive design lies in realizing more humane product and more simple use.

Thus, our engineers design the simplest operation menu.

Unique Rear Steam Exhaust

“The steam oven with steam rear exhaust that you have never

seen, the steam can be emitted in just way”

Creative steam exhaust scheme

With the fan system of the integrated cooker, the excessive steam is emitted to the outdoor

Effectively protecting the kitchen cabinet, and avoiding scald

  • Visual cooking window

    Knowing the food change in time

  • Solid cast aluminum handle

    Firm and durable

  • Collection of condensed waterhandle

    Protecting the kitchen cabinet

  • Ultra-large steam plate

    One layer for steaming two dishes

  • Double-direction air-intake machine

    Stronger extraction force

  • Easily dismountable and cleanable rack

    Convenient cleaning

Product Parameters
Fuel gas cooker Fuel gas category Rated pressure(Pa) Rated thermal flow(kW)
LPG 2800 Left hole: 4.2 Right hole: 4.2
Natural gas 2000 Left hole: 4.2 Right hole: 4.2
Artificial coal gas 1000 Left hole: 4.2 Right hole: 4.2
Extractor hood Power supply voltage(V) AC 220 Rated input power of the motor(W) 280
Frequency(Hz) 50 Lighting power(W) 25
Air pressure(Pa) ≥300 Air quantity(m³/min) 18±1
Steam oven Power supply voltage(V) AC 220 Rated input power of the motor(W) 2800
Frequency(Hz) 50 Adjustable stable temperature(℃) 40/60/80/100
Heating mode Steam heating Adjustable time(h) 0-5
Rated volume(L) 64 Lighting power(W) 15
Control mode Touch+knob Gross input power of the steam oven(W) 2815
Rated input of the gross power Double-gas stainless steel model (steam oven) power (W) 3210
Double-gas glass model (steam oven) power(W) 3120
Available colors black