X2 Integrated Stove

Integrated Stove
The product is specially designed for the young.

It takes the unique see-through window design and the size is suitable to the small kitchen.

Oil fume extraction performance is outstanding, the fresh air fan system is used.

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Perfect Design For The Young
The product is designed for the young people. With the simple geometric lines and see-through window, the product can perfectly combine with kitchen of any style.

Bridge-shape design language

With the geometric bridge-shape design, the pattern is flexbile, light and slim.

See-through window design

With the distinct transporate design, the product and enviroinment integrate perfectly and mutually benefit.

Flexbile light decoration

With flexible and exquiste light design, the softness and delicacy are presented perfectly.

Teflon non-Stick Material Oil Screen
We resist the oil stain with the original Teflon non-stick material oil screen and the manually dismountable structure in the industry. It only takes several seconds for cleaning work.
Double-direction Air Fan System
To keep powerful extraction within smaller size, the entirely-new double-direction siphon fan is utilized. Just like the difference between the two-lane express highway and the four-lane express highway, the noise is smaller, extraction is more powerful.

Double-direction air inlet

One-direction air inlet

Separate Disinfecting Screen Rack
It just needs to bend once and place all of bowls and chopsticks into the disinfecting cabinet.
For the users, simpleness is supreme. With a glance, you can know how to use the product. The intelligent chip control can help to use the product in more simple way.
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Intelligent Child Lock

After starting wor

After starting work, the disinfecting cabinet will be automatically locked to prevent incident opening.

  • Intelligent Child Lock

    After starting wor

    After starting work, the disinfecting cabinet will be automatically locked to prevent incident opening.

  • Design of Two-purpose Lamp

    When the lighting lamp is turned on, there will be atmosphere light from the top of the machine.

  • Integrated and Formed Table Surface

    The entire piece of steel plate is stamped and formed. There is no dead angle for cleaning work. 

  • See-through Disinfecting Cabinet with Ultra-large Volume

    Compared with the disinfecting cabinets of the integrated cookers of other brands, the volume is larger, and it allows placing more bowls and chopsticks for disinfection. 

  • Moderate and Constant Temperature Disinfection

    It can disinfect for such infant and baby articles as silica gel and so on.

Product Parameters
Fuel gas cooker(G) Rated thermal flow(KW) Left hole: 4.2 Right hole: 4.2
Extractor hood Rated input power of the motor(w) 280 Air quantity(m /min) 18±1
Disinfecting cabinet Input power of the heating pipe(w) 500 Drying temperature(min) ≤60℃
Induction cooker Power voltage(w) AC220 Frequency 50
Product size l850 x w600 x h805(mm);Mounting height can be adjusted by 0-20°
Available colors black
Note Stainless steel model (double gas cookers)
Glass model (double gas cookers/double electromagnetic cookers/one electromagnetic cooker and one gas cooker)
  • Double bearing slide rail

  • zero-second ignition

  • authentic material

  • intelligent child lock

  • 60℃ moderate disinfection

  • visual disinfecting window

Mounting Instructions
The entire cooker shall fit the overall dimensions of the kitchen cabinet (determined based on the actual product size)

storage cabinet

storage cabinet

The left side

Smokeless stove

The rgiht side













Adjusted by 0-20°