Q5 Integrated Stove

Integrated Stove
Son-in-law, money and the entirely-new Marssenger Q5 integrated cooker are the top-three favorites in 2016.
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G2 Continuous

Standard In Design

It comes from Marssenger family with the highest face score. With the G2 continuous standard in design aesthetics, the head arc line is designed. Lines of Q5 are soft and handsome at the same time.
Entirely-new Clamshell Design
Within 8.7cm small space, 2 sets of lighting systems and one set of rotating structure are integrated. The space utilization rate is higher. The height below the clamshell is increased by 4-6cm compared with the ordinary structure, it can adapt to different high saucepans.

Double-direction Air

Fan System

With more powerful centrifugal turbine and combining with the fully-enclosed metal air-guiding box, the impeller diameter and air-input are more than 40% higher than those of the ordinary extractor hood.
Cooker Performance

High-efficiency combustion system

4.2KW ultra-strong thermal power+ Grade 1 energy-efficiency.

Marssenger Q5 takes the entirely-new researched and developed combustion system, the air can be mixed uni

formly, combustion is more complete; the fire cover is provided with flame stabilizing hole, the thermal power is fast

and stable.

Flame stabilization design
Inner ring powerful fire
Double air-mixing chambers
Five-cavity vertical torching
Secondary air supplement
Separable Pull-out Basket
While washing bowls, the pull-out basket is taken out and placed near the water sink. After washing bowls, place all of the blows into the basket. It only bends once to place the bowls.
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LED Lighting and Atmosphere Light Design

With LED diffusion atmosphere light, the light is softer and does not offend the eyes. 

  • LED Lighting and Atmosphere Light Design

    With LED diffusion atmosphere light, the light is softer and does not offend the eyes. 

  • Head Ultra-narrow Frame

    With the latest digital control and robot welding technology, the stainless steel frame at head of Q5 is only 0.7cm wide. With strong manufacturing capacity, more perfect product can be presented. 

  • CNC Machined Glass

    Glass components of Q5 are manufactured at CNC center. The glass edge is soft, hand feel is more fine.

  • Fully-laminated and Adhesive-sealing Technology

    The clamshell and rotating shaft take the fully-laminated and adhesive-sealing technology. The adhesive-sealing technology is cleaner, can achieve better appearance. There is no joint. In addition, it can effectively avoid that the exposed adhesive falls off because of external corrosion. 

Product Parameters
Fuel gas cooker Fuel gas category Rated pressure Rated thermal flow
LPG 2800 Left hole: 4.2 Right hole: 4.2
Natural gas 2000 Left hole: 4.2 Right hole: 4.2
Artificial coal gas 1000 Left hole: 4.2 Right hole: 4.2
Extractor hood Power supply voltage AC 220 Rated input power of the motor 280
Frequency 50 Lighting power 8
Air pressure ≥300 Air quantity 18±1
Disinfecting cabinet Drying Time 60 Input power of the heating pipe 500
Drying temperature ≤60 Volume of disinfecting cabinet 57(±5%)
Drying Method Ozone / UV concentration of Ozone ≥40
Power of lighting tube 15 Weight-bearing of dish rack ≤6
UV wavelength  253.7 Input power of Disinfecting cabine 515
Power Rated input power 803
Available colors black
Mounting Instructions
The entire cooker shall fit the overall dimensions of the kitchen cabinet (determined based on the actual product size)

storage cabinet

storage cabinet

The left side

Smokeless stove

The rgiht side













Adjusted by 0-20°