A5 Integrated Sink

Integrated Sink
Two-purpose water treatment system, slide and step type storage, ultra-large single sink, rich fittings

Largest single sink volume, the entire pot can be placed in the sink for washing

Slide storage, rich fittings, it can achieve greater convenience if the sink is used together with the fittings

Two-purpose Water

Treatment System

The water purification system integrated in A5 includes two functions, namely water purification and water cleaning. It can produce the cleaned water that retains the minerals, and can also produce the purified water without any impurity.
  • Water purifier

  • water cleaner

Slide And Atep

Type Storage

It can achieve free use experience. With the slide and step type storage design for the sink body, the chopping board and water dripping curtain can freely slide on the sink body. Washing, cutting and dripping can be done on the sink, you will not worry no space for dripping or water flowing any longer!
  • Slide and step type

  • manually forged

Ultra-large Single Sink
The pot can be entirely placed into the sink; it is more convenient for cleaning the large pot.
  • Width(mm)

  • Depth(mm)

  • Height(mm)

Sink Fittings
Dripping curtain/chopping board/dripping basin Their sizes perfectly fit the sink body, the use convenience and storage are better!
  • Sink fittings

Chopping board Dripping curtain
Product Parameters
Rated power(w)
Water Purifier Net water flow(L/min) 28.8 Rated voltage(V)/Frequency(Hz) AC220/50
Influent turbidity(NTU) 25 Rated total net water(m³) 15
Applicable water pressure(Mpa) ≤5 Working temperature(℃) 5-45
Volume of the larger sink(L) 0.1-0.4
W1050*D600*805(mm) 39
Available colors black