A3 Integrated Sink
Integrated Sink
Ultra large sink, duplex step structue, universal tap, garbage treatment system, 5-step water cleaning system, larger sink body volume, sink body volume reaches 47L, three-layer step sink body, slide storage is better, stronger fittings, use universal tap


Integration Product

Within the 1m space, such functions as washing, cutting, dripping, water cleaning, garbage treatment, hot water and so on are integrated, the product becomes the multi-functional platform for washing and cooking preparation in kitchen.
Ultra Large Sink
The largest sink body, with the design of double sinks (larger sink and smaller sink), it can meet different cleaning demands, and the pot can be entirely placed into the sink
  • Width(mm)

  • Depth(mm)

  • Height(mm)

Duplex Step


With the completely and manually forged duplex step structure, just like the three-dimensional traffic lines, different fittings can be stored by layers, the fittings will not intervene mutually.
  • Slide and step type

  • manually forged

Universal Tap
Only with the universal tap, it can guarantee to realize cleaning with water at any position of the larger sink and smaller sink.
  • 360° rotation

Five-step Water

Cleaning System

With five-step cleaning, the tap water can also become the healthy water just like “Nongfu Spring”.
  • water cleaning system

Garbage Treatment


Food leftovers can be directly thrown into the garbage treatment system, garbage is not required in kitchen, you will not worry about worms and off odor.
  • Garbage treatment

Product Parameters
Water cleaner Rated gross water cleaning capacity(m³)
Garbage treatment device Rated power(w) Motor revolution(n/min) 2800
Sink body volume Volume of the larger sink(L) Volume of the smaller sink(l) 15.5
Product size W1050*D600*805(mm) The mounting height can be adjusted by 0-20°
Available colors black